Vince Kiadó


Vince Publishing House

The Vince Publishing House publishes art monographs, albums, popular science books on social and natural sciences, special books on pedagogy, psychology and law; family, travel and cook books; life-style and reference books. Our choice of topics is, therefore, not aristocratic; we do strive, however, to offer high-quality works by top experts of each field and genre. What characterizes these books is that they not only give a comprehensive yet concise compilation of previous knowledge, but they also contain the results of the latest research and theories. Most of our authors are outstanding stylists who write about even the most remote and obscure topics with clear and easy-to-follow logic, often in an easy-to-read format, for those who like to combine the joy of reading with some educational effort. The target audience of our publications is people who are open to the world and new ideas; the present and future intelligentsia who enjoys both science and art, and thus likes to read books that use the tools of both specialized books and popular science. In this sense, we would like to be the Spectrum channel’s relatives from the Gutenberg Galaxy. We publish facts that motivate the reader to ask further questions.

Our publishing house has a wide variety of activities: we publish, sell, import and export. We have recently added a new line of products specifically meant for museum stores; you can find details on

We are the sole retailer of the Taschen, the h.f.ullmann an imprint of Tandem Verlag and the Konemann Publishing Houses. Our further partners in the retail of foreign language books are Pepin Press, Atrium Group, TeNeues Verlag and Daab GmbH.