Vince Kiadó


Book store

The selection of books for sale at KLAUZAL13 is in harmony with the modernity of the exhibition area and the atmosphere of the Jewish quarter of Pest. Apart from the books published by the Vince Publishing House, which are traditionally mostly art books in Hungarian and in foreign languages (Taschen, monographs on artists, specialized books on art and design-books), there is a wide selection of books on Judaism, popular science, cultural history, fiction, gastronomy, erotic and guide books of other publishers.

The store also sells cultural journals, high-quality postcards, calendars, notebooks, maps of Budapest, city photos and Jewish objects. Our English-speaking colleagues are happy to help out with tourist information as well.

There is a wi fi and a magazine reading area, a children’s corner, free mineral water, tea and coffee for sale. You can pay with a bank card in our book store.

The book store will find and order any domestic or internationally published book. You can inquire by e-mail or phone. We only charge for shipping; there is no handling fee.

In keeping with the programmes of the gallery, KLAUZAL13 will host book launches, exhibition openings and various cultural programmes in the future.

You can learn about our programs and promotions from the KLAUZAL13 newsletter.